4 Methods to Solve "Windows Setup could not configure" Error

Originally published at: 4 Methods to Solve "Windows Setup could not configure" Error

There are quite a few error codes which will definitely annoy every user. However, this one differs from the rest as it won’t allow you to even install Windows on your computer in the first place, as can be understood from the error message. Windows Setup could not configure Error Fix The error usually appears…

No, it won’t delete your personal files. You can try the method and let me know so that i can assist your further.

Is there any suggestion you would like to give for our article? we can update it so people in the future can be assisted.

@yashwanthbooragadda:disqus Do you still need help with this issue?

Okay, download the latest ISO from Windows’ website and just reinstall windows. This will update you to the latest version automatically.

Hello Dear Shane Warren. Know anything about 1803? Mine’s not 1903…

It is 1803. Not 1903…

1903 is pretty stable, u can’t update through settings?

Thanks. I m still stuck on 1803 from about 1.5 years. In december i used to get notified about the update and warned several times about end of support. My poor pc tried to update several times but failed everytime. Now even with manual search wont get any such updates from the update centre. Perhaps november update support has ended.
Any idea on to when a more stable version gets pushed again? Or will that only happen once i update to November update 1909? Just dont want to leave my laptop unsupported for later versions. 1803 is already few versions behind…

I’d recommend you to downgrade to the previous version and wait for a more stable build to be out before updating.

If you are installing it on parallels, i would suggest changing the ISO image and increase RAM Allocated to the VM instance.

I have the same problem trying to install windows 10 on a MacBook Air, and I haven’t the slightest idea how to fix it.
Maybe you have any solution.
Thank you