Fix: Cant Eject External Hard Drive on Windows

you found a solution yet ?

Okay try this, boot the system in safe mode and check if the eject option is present in it if you have updated all drivers. Also, try to change the port that the HDD is connected in because that might be making a difference aswell. If the device ejects in safe mode it means that a third party app is interfering and causing this issue. Disconnect the drive, boot into safe mode and then check if this issue still persists.

Go to device manager and right-click on all options under Universal Serial Bus Controllers and one by one select the “Update Software” for each.

Same problem (Windows 10 // WD My Passport Ultra).

It is an external hard drive, and eject and offline do not appear.

I did not have ‘eject’ option either. However there was ‘offline’ option. After clicking that the drive could be ejected the normal way.