(Solved) 0xC000021A Blue Screen Error in Windows 10/11

Originally published at: How to fix error 0xc000021a in Windows 8 and 10

The 0xC000021A stop code is a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error in Windows operating systems, indicating a critical system error from which the operating system cannot recover. This results in a system shutdown to prevent data loss or damage. 0xC000021A Blue Screen Error in Windows Fix The error message may vary depending on the…

tapping the F8 key prior to the BSOD 21a, should get you into Win10 startup menu

Boot Windows Manually

  1. Reboot press and hold the Shift Key, click Restart {or on a restart, tap the F8 key before windows begins loading
    You could also boot from an OSD Boot stick
  2. Once your on the Options screen, select the “Troubleshoot” item
  3. On the Next Screen, choose the “Advanced Options” item
  4. Click on the “Startup Settings” item
  5. Select #7 – Disable Driver signature enforcement
  6. restart

How do I run reimage if I’m stuck on blue screen of death. I’m obviously typing this from a different computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Reset the Computers Bios using the 4th method.

Move on towards other solutions.

Boot through a Windows bootable USB and try the steps listed

Method #2 is worked for me! thx

Mine won’t even open windows, it just goes to that and doesn’t work :frowning:

Thank you very much! Like everyone else, number 2 worked for me too. I was scared because I thought i had to clean my entire hdd.

Method #2 helped me. 10x!

Thank you so much i thoight i would have to take it to an pc repair shop i cant thank you enough

‘‘the file cannot be copied onto itsfelf’’

gracia!! funciona la opcion 2!

Allegedly MS sends files along with updates to kill older PCs (over 2 years old) those that have not upgraded to their increasingly watchful surveilance state Windows 10. Switching to another OS such as Linux is the way to combat this unconstitutional thing called PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE.

This happens every time I buy a new PC then use it for several years until the installed Windows becomes unsupported by Microsoft and until Windows does a bunch of updates and I suspect allegedly MS is sending some files with those “updates” which damage the now outdated Windows and even damage the Hard Disk of the PC. This has happened already 5 times, very similar situation and always Windows updates make my PC unusable where I can not even reinstall a fresh Windows on it again. This is allagedly part of corporate PLANNED OBOLESCENCE agenda forcing us to buy a new PC and install new Windows (which I dislike) and I don’t have the money to buy a new PC but without a new PC I can not have an income…

If your computer keeps restarting then going to the advanced options screen then nothing works, how is the suggested software supposed to run to fix the problem in the first place?

Hi, was able to restart the PC with method 2. Now what to do to ensure the same error does not pop up next time I restart.

If getting error on image build, F8, run diskpart, select disk 0, clean, exit, exit, reboot cleanly.

Hi! Can you please share how you did fix this in the end? I am having the same problem and can’t find a way out! cheers

Hi kevin i cant see the one i need i cant get on to my laptop at all i only have BSOD it wont start in safe mode just get the blue screen can you help please