SOLVED: Windows 10 Sleeps After 1-4 Minutes of Inactivity

Another thumbs up for Method 2

You are a lifesaver - this has been driving me nuts! I have an encrypted folder that locks every time the screen shuts off, and I always have a few items in that folder open. I can barely make a phone call without it locking me out!

Solution 1 worked for me…I restarted after I reset to defaults…don’t know that it mattered but I’m cured!

I’ve tried everything in this article and NOTHING fixes the problem!
Don’t waste your time.
Contact Microsoft and Complain!
Maybe they will finally fix their most irritating operating system to date.

Method 2 worked for me. Thank you!!!

Method 2 apparently solved the issue here too … Huge thanks, that was driving me crazy.

sup kents,
how do I let my screen turn off without locking and making me sign in,
i’m trying to mine crypto 24/7 and every time I come back after a few days… screen is locked and some of my tray apps are closed. very annoying.

can I just allow my screen to turn off (so my lil computer doesnt burn out in 2 weeks) but force it to stay active??? not lock/hibernate…

I set to 2 in regedit but now I can’t kill it… it should have a never option or infinite minutes for unattend sleep. grrr

Can you send me an email on so we can do a remote session?

Could be. Can you test?

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1 Turn on the computer.
2 Press F2 when the DELL logo is displayed to enter System Setup.
3 Go through all the options/menu there to see if anything is related to Sleep settings.

This just started last week. I followed all your steps and I cannot figure out what is causing this issue. I followed all your steps and it still goes to sleep at 5 mins. I have always had my display and sleep or hibernate at 5 hours. I have no clue what is causing it to go to sleep at 5 mins. Is there a command prompt or thru the event viewer to see what is causing it to sleep at 5 mins?

Added, thank you for sharing.

Thanks so much for the exhaustive set of solutions you provided. Solution 2 was the answer to a problem I had been working on for 2 weeks. Once I realized that my unattended task was sending my PC back to sleep in 1-3 minutes (seemed random) I was able to find this web page. Good job!

There is a Never option in the power settings but that will make your screen stay active, i suggest that you simply unplug the monitor when you leave.

The article was updated and it now includes more methods, maybe give them a go.

Thank you for your help.

Do tell if the rest of the solutions rectified your problem

You need to click on the “7bc4a2f9-d8fc-4469-b07b-33eb785aaca0” to see the “Attributes” entry

I’m trying option 2 but I can’t see ‘Attributes’ in my right hand panel…Why is this missing for me?

Here it is July 17th 2019, and just today this started with me, logging me off when I go to the bathroom or get something to drink. I tried solution 1 & 2 and nothing, so I’m trying solution 3. I mean I have spent 3 hours trying to rectify this, why does Microfarts do this to us???

Method #2 worked for me - just started using a new-to-me desktop (HP Elite) when my old one died. The PC was going to sleep right around the 2 minute point, and no changes to the power settings made any difference. Followed the instructions, and now my Windows 10 PC stays “awake” as long as I need it to. Thank you VERY much!