3 Best Solutions 'There isn't enough space available on the disk'

Originally published at: 3 Best Solutions 'There isn't enough space available on the disk'

The error message ‘There is not enough space on the disk to complete this operation’ is caused by when you are trying to create a new partition, shrink or extend a volume using the Disk Management. This error can be caused by the MBR partition limit, while sometimes it also occurs because the Disk Management…

This is what worked for me as well. Thank you.

About 100gb, the drive I’m trying to partition is an 8tb HDD that I subdivided so I could run a partition of Linux. After realizing I didn’t like Linux I tried deleting the partition to then just add the space back to the original partition, but every time I try, regardless of the software, it says there’s not enough space.


worked for me also thank you. I even went with 8mb partition

rescanning, etc, not work,
i tried everything until changed from gpt to mbr, and its work,

found any solution?

This worked for me. Thanks

did you find a solution ? i am in the exact same boat as you. i ended up allacationg 500 gigs from my 1 tb hdd.


I was trying to set up a Stripped Volume (RAID 0) with two 1TB drives. What I did was I first created a simple volume of 10MB on both drives, Then I used the unallocated space and formatted that into my Stripped Volume. I then went into the 10 MB volumes right clicked on Change Drive Letter and Paths for New Volume and Deleted the letters so they don’t pop up on my computer.

May I ask how much free space is there left on your C: Drive?