4 Verified Solutions to Fix 'Could not find this item' Error

Thank you, winrar solution is the only thing that worked for me lol

After too many hours trying every method i found and knew with cmd process without any success,winrar worled perfectly.Thank you!!

thank you, using the WinRar trick worked for me

You can also use 7Zip.I did it with 7Zip.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, we will update the article shortly!


Unfortunately, the files deleted through this command don’t go into the recycle bin they are deleted from your system however if you are lucky enough you can try using Recuva to get the files back. Here is a detailed article on this topic:-


I just refreshed and it worked

The second solution.i.e.using winrar ,then archiving and then deleting it just worked like magic.

del archive method is work for me , thanks :slight_smile:

Winrar needs to be installed in prior and set as the default extracting software in order to receive that option. You need to replace the path of the file with those.

Thanks. It worked perfectly


Thank, it helpful

thanks using method del archive work for me

Your comment really helped was about to give up after trying many times with cmd

Thank you

Thank you very much, Kevin, method 4 just worked after I had spent some hours trying other options

Awesome article! I deleted weird . extension after 4 years! Solution 3 worked!

Well thought out by putting “Archiving” at number four. This way you assure that the reader finishes the article LOL. #4 worked for me.