4 Verified Solutions to Fix 'Could not find this item' Error

Originally published at: 4 Verified Solutions to Fix 'Could not find this item' Error

This error will appear when you are trying to access a certain file either to delete, rename, or open it. Logically speaking, if you can locate and view a file on your computer, you should also have clear access to it. However, this strange error occurs and you are unable to do anything with that…

Worked for me very easy. Solution 4: Workaround with Archiving
Thank you Kevin

ok, the fourth method works. can’t do first method since the folder name has space in it. thank you!

last method was the best

If the file or folder name contains illegal characters the above methods may not work. Instead, the file or folder can be deleted from a CMD prompt using the short file name.

Navigate to the folder containing the file or folder to be removed.
Enter the command:
DIR /x
The folder contents will be listed with their short names as well as the long names. The file or folder can now be deleted using the short name. Use
RD folder short name
to remove a folder or
DEL file short name
to remove a file.

super, worked like a charm. thanks

Hey, thanks for responding! I typed rd /s ?X:badfolderpath into command prompt, but I may have given the wrong file extension, so most, but not all of my desktop shortcuts and folders have been erased.

Archive method is awesome
Thank you so much
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The archive method is awesome, thank you
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Thanks! Solution 4 finally worked for me !

Solution 4 Worked (using Winrar). Thanks for this nice article!

wooooo…Thanks man,solution 4 works finally,that’s awesome trick

No archiving when I right click with solution 4. What goes in place of bad and folder?

ty solution 4 work fine… i dont try the others but the 4 its work thanks again

OMFG!!! I’ve been trying to delete a folder like this on a drive I only use for downloads, etc. which shouldn’t be tied to my windows system at all. The archive and delete trick worked a treat. I’ve been tearing my hair out for ages over this. Thank you.

solution 4 is great !!! thanks

Solution 4 is worked for me. Thanks

Thank you very much. I had a save file from a videogame which was actually stored in the cloud, but for some reason displayed in the Steam folder. When I was trying to delete it, Windows kept telling me that “this is no longer located in…”. The file didn’t have any extension. Solution 3 helped to delete the file that was present on my PC since 2018…

Where are you trying to retrieve the file from?

Ok but if want to retrieve the file and not delete it? dont get why there isnt a fix for that