6 Methods to Solve 'Flash Drive or USB not showing data'

Originally published at: 6 Methods to Solve 'Flash Drive or USB not showing data'

Sometimes, pen drives misbehave when you copy data into them. A relatively common misbehavior that occurs is that the data you have worked on, and are quite sure has been copied to the drive, goes missing. This might send you into a state of panic if you hadn’t backed up your hours and hours of…

There are other methods as well, those didn’t work as well?

SMADAV did NOT work

I ran a sensitive volt amp meter on the problem and my conclusion is that either (1) that the large USB thumb drives require more volt than previous or that -or- (2) that the computers is using too many 5v devices and losing power -or- (3) Both of the above… I have a solution that has worked for me. (a) I bought an USB 3.0 powered port extender (7-port) on ebay ($10.00) This is the one with a additional power adapter. (b) Some of the thumb drives had to formatted. I recommend win 8 (NOT 10 - Win 10 sucks - plus it argues with you) (c) If Win format does not help (or work) Try RUFUS (just try quick Format first). [ I never have all of these stupid problems on my Linux computers]

Thanks a lot! This really helped me.

Me too-- Yet another Windows 10 retrograde. I had to use MS “One Disk” just for this. What overkill for the past default all the way since XP: USB device simply opens with default display window, until you get to W10.

Wow…I use all the things you ask and still same…