6 Verified Solutions to Fix 'Failed to play test tone' Error

Originally published at: 6 Verified Solutions to Fix 'Failed to play test tone' Error

The Failed to play test tone is an issue that tells you that there’s a problem between Windows and the sound device your computer is using. It comes as an error message in case you have no sound, and you try to see if your sound device is working. This is the answer you will…

Method 2 worked for me - thank you so much ! Fantastic.

Thank you. I had been running Yandex Browser and Kodi. I tried method 1, and I got the sound back on kodi, but nowhere
else. I was going to close down the computer and reboot. I closed programs down. I tried playing a file, and the sound was back.
So now I’m wondering if Kodi was interfering with the sound, or even the browser.

Never mind, i did a refresh install everything is fine now.

method 6 worked for me! thanks!

Method 5 Saved me ! thank you!!!

Can you send me a screen shot of device manager showing the sound adapter?

Brilliant! Number 5 fixed my issue.

Thanks a lot dude, you fixed it

Brilliant. Thank you so much. The last option worked for me after days of trying everything else… I was on the verge of rebuilding the system from scratch, no mean task considering I operate all kinds of virtual machines and emulators for legacy software, and as you point out, it was the last thing I would have considered. Very happy with this solution, and I’ve logged it with credit to pass on to anybody else struggling with the same problem.


step 1 worked

nothing from the above worked. on twoofthe solutions the following are a problem: there are no enhancements when you right click on the speakers- so can try that and there are no local users groups under system tools, as this is a one user laptop also, set up as an administrator . I am at a loss and notsure what to try now. only thing to try is the reimageplus, although the sfc /scannow did not come up with any corrupt files or issues. help!

Method 1 nailed it! THANK YOU!

Hey, there can you check which version of Windows you are on and let me know, please? You can check it by opening run and typing “winver” in the field and pressing enter once you press enter a window will open showing you the exact build number and everything of your Windows I want to know that because this problem was a bug which is fixed in the build 10166 if you want to download and install that update on your own Windows 10 Build 10166 is available for download and direct upgrade through Windows Update. Keep me updated!

You are a god amongst people. The working version of the HD audio driver fixed my issue, which was perplexing me to no end. I’m super grateful. Thank you so much!

no.5 work for me :slight_smile:

thank you

I don’t know who you are but Method #1 worked. Thank You very much and Happy Holidays

Method 5 worked for me. Thanks a lot!