'Default Radeon WattMan settings have been restored' Error Fixed

Originally published at: 'Default Radeon WattMan settings have been restored' Error Fixed

This is a graphics-related problem which occurs to people with AMD Radeon cards installed in their computers. There are several different scenarios in which the problem appears but it’s usually after a driver crash triggered inside a game. The message sometimes appears right after the game crashes or after a restart. Default Radeon WattMan Settings…

Only problem is i can run my rx5700 at 50-55 C for like 10 hours just if i don’t play a game, but when i get into a game for like 10 mins it just crashes and it happens on 4 of my main games, Snowrunner, Ride 4, Rust and AC. ive installed only driver now and hope it gets better from now on.

You still need to control your fans lol Gee looks great no smoke yet ehh?

Power loss causes this too and beware the card runs at around 50c at least with default settings. Run that card hotter so it dies sooner nice AMD and Nvidia.

Did this work?

I just got that wattman crash and will now try uninstalling my radeon software to see if it helps, thanks.

I found the only way to get the latest AMD driver stable is DONT install the software, driver only, how AMD can relesae this crap and get away with it is beyond me.

dont bother just uninstall radeon software install razor Cortex and no more Wattman issues