Disk doesn't have enough space to replace bad clusters' [3 Fixes]

Originally published at: Disk doesn't have enough space to replace bad clusters' [3 Fixes]

Several Windows users have been getting the “disk does not have enough space to replace bad clusters” error when trying to run CHKDSK on a drive. Most affected users report that they tried to repeat this procedure multiple times but the end result was always the same. The issue is not exclusive to a certain…

Try methods mentioned in this article:

im on doing method 2 and i have a relocated sector count of 10 and health is 5 green dots i keep trying to do a scan but i gets stopped from block start at 427753472 (219 GB) Read error: ABRT "A device which does not exist was specified

Yes it worked. But it took 14hour for 2tb external though.

Have you tried the second method? by using Victoria?

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to properly answer the question in the previous reply. You need to be focusing on the RAW value and keep in mind that while 10 is a limit, anything more than 0 means that the drive is probably not going to have a long life from here onwards. It starts to show that the drive is defected, if you can fix it through the indicated method, you might be able to get some more juice out of it but it won’t last you that long and you should start looking for replacements.

you didnt answer his question! the article never says which column to read the > or< 10 amount from. he wants to know which column to read.

You need to check if the count exceeds 10 or not. If it does, it means that the bad sector issue does exist and you need to rectify it.

In step 5 it mentions checking the Reallocated Sector Count number of 10. Is that a threshold number 10 or a raw number 10 (decimal)?