FIX: An Unknown Error Has Occurred on Windows Live Mail

Originally published at: FIX: An Unknown Error Has Occurred on Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail, the successor of Microsoft Outlook in XP and predecessor of Windows Mail in Vista, is a desktop email application for your Windows operating system. Despite being included in the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Outlook can still present errors. In Windows Live Mail, the most common error is “an unknown error has occurred,”…

This was one message. I dragged it to the Deleted Items folder and then emptied the Deleted Items folder. Worked!
Thank you

Open the Command Prompt as an administrator and type this:
esentutl.exe -d “%userprofile%AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows Live MailMail.MSMessageStore”
After typing, presss enter and wait for the process to be finished. After it finishes, check to see if the issue persists.

This is similar to the same problem I have with WLM but more. At times, I will want to move a message to a storage folder to keep. I click on “move to” and select the storage folder, then my WLM closes. When I open it back up the message I tried to move is still in the Inbox and when I try to move it again (or open it to read), I get an error message “A Problem Occurred When Trying To Open This Message. A Problem Has Occurred. Please Try Again” No matter how many times you try to open that message it won’t ever open again and is lost forever, I guess. I’ve gotten this same message when holding down the Shift key and highlighting a bunch of messages to delete and one, like you describe, causes none of them to be deleted and you have to find the culprit and drag it over to the “Deleted Items” folder by itself. Is there any way to open a message after it has been corrupted by trying to move it to a storage folder or is it gone forever? Joe

Try to install it in the safe mode

I would suggest you request a remote expert from

Yeahhhh… none of these methods (1-3) worked for me. S-o-o-o-o-o many mails in this state, and more as I moved the highlight up and down - must be a seriously screwed up database.

Currently trying the last option (repair install of WLM) but it seems to be stcuk at “0% complete” so not holding out much hope for this either. Method 5 (Method 4 no 2 ;)) not applicable as it’s a POP3 setup.

FIX: An Unknown Error Has Occurred on Windows Live Mail shows ways to remove a email that will not delete I found another way I clicked on the inbox that the email was in and made a new folder under it. I then move the email to that folder then deleted email and folder. I just name the new folder my last name

When i am installing Windows live mail in my windows system. I am getting error like unknown error.