Fix: Apps Getting Resetted to TWINUI

Originally published at: Fix: Apps Getting Resetted to TWINUI

There is a problem in Windows where when opening a file, the computer sets the default application for opening any file to type to the type “TWINUI”. Most of the time you can open the file by right-clicking it and select the open with option. However, you would not be able to set any default…

Download this:
Right-click on the downloaded file and select Run with Powershell.
After that, conduct an SFC scan and an DISM Scan.

Check out the following article:

Removed images, added strings. Thanks

The string in the article has a space between the dash and “Register”, copied it from this comment and it worked.

none of these things worked for me. twinui has taken over almost every file type listed on the windows default app settings.

Good information. Cannot copy and paste strings as they are images and not text. For me - Step 1 works for the current login and then reverts when system is restarted. Went through rest of steps and a rebuild is in store. This is a pretty big bug and very disappointing. Thanks for the contribution. Hope it works for others.

None of those worked for me. I had to download a video file and an audio file and right click on them (one at a time) and choose properties. Then I changed the file type to windows media player. It then automatically set it as the default application in control panel under default applications.

Copied it from this comment and it worked for me :slight_smile:

For me the problem actually started after a Windows update last week… .PDF files were now opening with Edge and pictures and media all were marked for TWINUI.
I tried the Power Shell and System File Checker and still could not change the defaults… but I have been able to change doing this:

  • Browse to folder containing files types mentioned above
  • Right Click one of the files, and go to Properties
  • Use the ‘Change’ button next to the “Opens with” entry.

Seems to have done the trick; computer was rebooted, user has logged in and has not had problems.

You can check out our other article on this matter over here: Fix: Windows 10 Apps Not Working

Yes, all default Windows Apps are malfunction. How can i back?

Yes, all default Windows Apps are malfunction. How can i back? Win 10 1586

none of the hints or whatever worked TWINUI is still the default app for photos. System Restore also did not fix the issue; going to have to go for the ‘nuke it’ just reformat and start the hell over again…grrrr

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml”}

It would be helpful if you say “copy paste this line” and it was actual text and not an image!

Yes, can’t copy string as implied.

Good article aside from that though, the power shell tip worked like a charm (even if I did have to input it manually).