Fix: ASUS Keyboard Backlight Not Working

Originally published at: Fix: ASUS Keyboard Backlight Not Working

ASUS is one of the leading manufacturers in the computing market with products ranging from high-end motherboards to graphics cards. It is a pioneer in the field and its products are known for their durability and extreme performance. ASUS Keyboard Backlight Recently, we came across several cases where the ASUS Keyboard would not display the…

Try Pressing the FN + Up button till the Backlight appears again.

Unfortunately, there is no backlight for the keyboard of Asus X509J.

is there a keyboard back light for aus x509J? there’s no hotkey available for it but i was wondering if there’s a way to have it on. thank you

Your awesome; clear and easy to follow instructions that worked! Thank you.

First of all, Make sure that you are using an Administrator Account.
Secondly, make sure that the drivers for the Keyboard and all other drivers are installed you can do so by

  1. Right-clicking on the “This PC” or “MY Computer (On older versions of Windows” and selecting “Manage”
  2. CLicking on “Device Manager” and then double-clicking on “Keyboards” option.
  3. Make sure that none of the options have a “Yellow Exclamation Mark” next to them.
  4. If they do download and install drivers for your respective Windows version and architecture.

IF you are on Windows 7:

  1. Open control panel
  2. Navigate to “All Control Panel ItemsTroubleshootingHardware and Sound”.
  3. Under the Device section, click on the “Hardware and Device” Option.
  4. Click on “Next” and scan will be initiated.

When I’m at step 5, there is no ‘Hardware and Devices’ option for me