Fix: Black Screen After Sleep Windows

Originally published at: Fix: Black Screen After Sleep Windows

Windows releases frequent updates to fix various problems which are present in the operating system. Even though most of the problems are solved very quickly, the famous error of the screen going black after waking up from sleep mode continues to trouble users. The reasons why this error occurs are primarily clashes between modules or…

Good! Thank you Shane!

Hi Shane,
Back when I posted, I was looking at the question Josphus Flavius had posted and at the time it had been up there. At that point, it would have been 7 months old and no reply.
I see it still has no response.
It’s he who should have been replied to, with an answer or at least to tell him there was no help from home base (you folks).
As far as myself, I don’t think I had a question or at least an intelligent one. Hope all else is well with yourself. Thanks for the note.

Fair warning: asking questions here is basically wasting your time, for there will be no reply.

I’ve had a similar problem since upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10, several years ago. In my case, when trying to wake the PC from sleep, the screen remains black and the computer shuts off and
restarts. (It is possible the restarts happens because the PC is set in the BIOS to start upon sensing power.)

Having an older Dell desktop (~2010 Dell Studio XPS 9100; Intel X58, Tylersburg platform) combined with a current version of Windows 10 might be the problem. Please note: I do not see the Intel Management Engine Interface under the Device Manager…

Over these years, I have tried everything mentioned above, and many other suggestions – so far, nothing helped.

I know that using Hibernation is an alternative but, if I’m not mistaken, bringing the PC back from Hibernation takes far longer than sleep mode. I can’t imagine I’m the only PC user (who used sleep mode for 25+ years) who is deeply disappointed that MS cannot figure out how to make this basic feature work under Windows 10 – not even several years after it has been out.

I’m willing to try whatever else you might offer.

Thank you.

How am I supposed to do any of this when my display is completely backed out?