FIX: Broadcom Adapter issues in Windows 10

Originally published at: FIX: Broadcom Adapter issues in Windows 10

Windows users worldwide have encountered countless instances wherein one or more of their computer devices or drivers failed to function after upgrading to Windows 10. One of the most common devices that occasionally fail to work following a Windows 10 upgrade is the typical wireless adapter. In such instances, although the Windows 10 upgrade may…

I had the same problem, which only appeared when I installed CREATORS release on Windows 10 Home Edition.

UninstalCREATORS UPDATEl and then change your wifi connection to metered to prevent future updates, until you trust Microsoft. The next version of CREATORS is in FALL 2017. I’d hate to have CREATORS UPDATE reinstall over and over again. Let us know if that happened.

Wish I’d read the article from top to bottom first. Turns out all I needed to do was the second part of your article, the UNINSTALL part with reboot. I could have gotten back to my work a whole day sooner if I hadn’t thought I needed to find the driver on a different PC and save to usb, etc. Serves me right for not reading everything. In the meantime, THANKS for your help! I’m back in the fray.

What does it shows for the network adapter in device manager?

I tried the advice: I downloaded the driver zip file to a USB from Asus’ website for X205TA. I copied the driver zip file from the USB to my disfunctioning X205TA desktop. I opened the zip file and doubleclicked the setup file. X205TA made the download and finally I clicked on the finish button at the end of the downloading. I restrated the X205TA. Then I followed the above instructions for uninstalling driver thru the WinX menu. I restarted X205TA again.

Still the wifi connection is disfunctioning. the driver version is still

What to do next? How to fix and reconnect my X205TA to internet thru Wifi?

Sorry, can you explain please

My solution 3DP Net

I haven’t seen anything work other then solutions listed above. However, one client who had this issue had to get an external wi-fi adapter.

I have done this many times, it doesn’t work. Today I reset my T200 to factory settings and updated it to Windows 10 again and the problem is there still. It is crazy. I removed the driver and installed both from windows and Asus website but it is hopeless.