FIX: Cannot Drag Windows on Dual Screens (Windows 10)

Originally published at: FIX: Cannot Drag Windows on Dual Screens (Windows 10)

Nowadays everybody is using a computer literally everywhere. While working, playing Games or watching Movies. As the computers get faster every year and are able to process more information at the same time, the computers allow the users to work on several tasks at the same time. Sometimes this can get a bit overwhelming and…

Disabling snap fixed a lot of issues with windows 10. Thank You. Snap is the most annoying “feature” they’ve developed recently. I have no clue why MS has decided to force annoying “features” onto the users rather then letting them have the control they want.

I have this problem since working at home where the company system or program is controlling my home computer. I tried the Snap On and Off and still won’t let me drag across the other monitor. When I disconnect from the company, I’m ok dragging tabs. How do I overcome this?

Turning off snap and moving the window very quickly across screens are workarounds rather than fixes. This isn’t how it is supposed to work.
The cause of this issue on my PC was the high DPI gaming mouse I was using. A normal mouse worked perfectly on my PC. The issue only happened with the gaming mouse.
MS should still fix this, bit another possible work around changing mouse.

That is how it is supposed to work. A/P snap overrules moving to another screen. They have updated a new feature without thinking it through like usual. This developed when they updated the system for me. Same equipment before and after, here.

You know this feature kinda sucks. Snapping wise I just want windows to snap into place along the edges if slightly over or snap to each other’s edges. Sadly even if you untick all the extra features under Snap it still doesn’t behave this way.
It’s especially annoying dragging windows partially over to another window. To full screen VLC for instance you have to drag the window more than 50% over to the other screen (which is in another room). With this snap feature you have to be really specific on where you pick it up to drag or you get stuck less than 50% of the way. The speeding up thing is helpful but still annoying, you even get this ‘breaking through the barrier’ animation and hiccup doing it.
It also doesn’t remember the window’s position before full screen. So to drag it back from (from an invisible) screen you have to go the shift + right click » move route. Although this also happens with snap disabled (might be a vlc issue, I know it used to work fine in win 7).
It would really be nice if this snapping stuff had similar features to something like autosizer.

I have an answer no one else talked about yet. Change the refresh rate on your mouse. When I lowered mine it fixed the issue.

Contact the IT administrator and they should be able to fix it for you. It seems that you don’t have much control over the computer and they take over. Once you disconnect it works.

Thank You so much. I am happy to know I can now drag a window from one screen to another without having to shift abruptly, or have it get stuck half way across.

Are there any background applications running? Try this in safe mode and check if anything happens. If it does it means that a background app is causing your issue

I’m not sure what is causing this, but it just started happening on my Windows 10 system in December 2019. The left screen works and applications continue to operate, and I can see my mouse moving across the screen but I cannot select any windows. If I move a window from my right screen to my left screen, that window also freezes up. The issue seems to remedy itself after about 3-5 minutes of fumbling between windows and toolbars, but it’s a horrible experience until it self resolves.