Fix: Configuration system failed to initialize

Originally published at: Fix: Configuration system failed to initialize

The error “Configuration system failed to initialize” occurs when the system is unable to correctly launch any target application and encounters such an error. In fact, this error message is very generic and is rooted to a number of different scenarios and cases. It usually occurs when you are trying to run a new application…

it worked for me this option →
delete the folder of the game. restart the launcher.


If you are debugging or developing a VISUAL STUDIO project, then you can just Rename the Project Name and Assembly in Project Settings to something else. Clean and Rebuild. It may show errors but its ok, just rename all the previous names to the new name using the find and replace. eg.

Old Name: SurveyAnalyzer
New Name: SurveyAnalyzerApp

Don find and replace ‘SurveyAnalyzer.’ with ‘SurveyAnalyzerApp.’ [DON’T FORGET THE DOT]
When done, clean and build and this should do it.

Hope this helps.

In my case something had changed/created the powershell.exe.config file in C:WindowsSystem32WindowsPowerShellv1.0. After I deleted this file (it was small, and didn´t seem to contain anything important), it worked.

You are a star, this saved my life…

You need a text-editor that supports coding like Notepad++ as seen in the screenshot. You will then search for in the file (use CTRL + F to quickly find things in a big document). If you do not find that might be the cause of the issue, and you need to manually add it underneath the line

Hey… the second last step in solution 2 is a little unclear for me… i need it in less technical terms; please assist.