FIX: Constant Blue Circle Next to Mouse Pointer in Windows 10

Originally published at: FIX: Constant Blue Circle Next to Mouse Pointer in Windows 10

After upgrading to Windows 10, many users started complaining of constantly seeing the blue flashing loading circle (Windows’ patented “loading” icon) next to their mouse pointer. Affected users’ computers seemed like they were constantly running a task or “loading” something, making it impossible for affected users to smoothly conduct their day-to-day affairs on their computers.…

Have you uninstalled Asus Smart Gesture? If so, go into services.msc by typing and entering it in the Run prompt and disable the “Pen / Tablet Input Service”. After disabling, check to see if the issue persists.

I am grateful to you. My Lenovo Carbon X1 has stopped driving me mad with that flashing blue circle

i have an asus and the solution worked thank you

Solution for flashing busy icon on mouse pointer - Windows 7 Enterprise
… The problem is the Pen and Tablet input process - I am using a desktop PC with a 17" monitor - no need for this service. Somehow the service has been activated / switched to Automatic start at bootup - solution - simply go to Services - navigate to the Pen / Tablet Input Service, click Properties and disable the service - you don’t need it on a desktop system. Flickering Mouse Pointer with Blue ‘busy circle’ GONE immediately.

The ASUS solution worked for me. Thanks.
Maybe you should add an explenation of how to kill the process for the less geeky users.

Effective in Asus