[FIX] Core Isolation Memory Integrity Fails to Enable

Originally published at: [FIX] Core Isolation Memory Integrity Fails to Enable

Memory Integration of Core Isolation is an excellent security feature but you may fail to enable it if the WD driver is hindering the mechanism of Core Isolation. The full error message is: Core Isolation Memory Integrity Fails to Enable Because of Incompatible Driver ‘WDCSAM64_PREWIN8.SYS’ The issue arises when the user tries to enable the…

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The solution in the article on “support-en.wd.com” doesn’t work. Because even if you remove the “driver and device”, it gets installed again when you reboot! But the instructions in the “appuals.com” article definitely worked for me. Problem solved now. Thank you so much!

What is written in this article is useless. Because WD device reloads when I reboot!

Good Find!

Below is an article that explains step-by-step the work around when this issue does occur. Please see the following:

Windows 10 Version 2004 and Later: Memory Integrity Cannot be Enabled for Core Isolation in Windows Security

You can ignore that, because it might be related to other modules of Defender.

hello, I followed the procedure and Core Isolation is active! but I still have a little yellow flag on the defender icon!