Fix: Couldn't find wireless devices on this PC error on Windows

Originally published at: Fix: Couldn't find wireless devices on this PC error on Windows

If you’re a Microsoft Windows user then you’ve probably heard about or come across the: ‘We couldn’t find wireless devices on this PC’ error. The fact is this type of error can occur in all sorts of operating environments, not just Windows, and for several reasons. The problem lies in bugs in the operational code…

Thanks you stranger.

This is the only method that worked for me too, on a Toshiba Satellite C55 laptop with a similar problem.

Try and follow these steps and check to see if the issue is resolved:-

  1. Search for Command Prompt and click “Run as administrator”.
  2. Once the Command Prompt window opens type the following command:-

netcfg -d

  1. Wait for the command to run then restart your computer.

Check to see if the issue is resolved.

when i click network adapter, i didnt find Ethernet/Wireless Adapter so, i cant do right click as you said. i’ve been searching a whole time but didnt find any methods for this. maybe an answer from you can help us who have the same problem like me. thank you

Thanks. method 3 resolved my problem.

None of these options, amongst other suggestions Ive found are fixing my issue. I also I cant update my wireless adapter, and it didn’t help to uninstall it and restart the computer.
When I open properties on it, it says “this device cannot start” (code 10).

I have no idea what happened, just turned my laptop on like any other day and now no wifi…

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’ve only had the laptop a few months, bought it brand new $1400 laptop, I feel like it shouldn’t be having issues. I don’t really even use it for anything other than gaming on steam…

tried everything. did not work

Click on all drivers listed there one by one and select “Update Drivers” on each one of them one by one.

Can u please elaborate?

You mentioned hardware issue Did not deal with that as soon in your narratives

There might be an issue with the Wifi Adapter, to ensure that, put the computer in safe mode and check if it helps. If it doesn’t, the Wifi adapter might be faulted