Fix: Deleted Picture Appearing in Lock Screen on Windows

Originally published at: Fix: Deleted Picture Appearing in Lock Screen on Windows

Windows 10 offers a captivating lock screen with images that add to a new experience on how you access your apps and news after your computer wakes up from the sleep or hibernation mode or when booting up. The lock screen is the screen you see at startup and when you lock the PC. You…

Try the same command in an administrative CMD

Method 1 step 4 worked for me and I was happy since I didnt want to take ownership of the files…Thanks!

You need to remove the brackets around SID and replace SID with the string you obtained through the command prompt. I just checked and it works perfectly.

Hi. I am on Windows 10 Enterprise 2016. I am pasting the path “C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsSystemData{SID}ReadOnly” in the file explorer location bar, and receive the Windows Can’t Find (the directory) error. I removed the brackets around the SID. My SID follows this pattern: S-0-0-00-0000000000-000000000-0000000000-00000. Any thoughts why this may be? Thanks.

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I suspect a lot, or most people, (me included), do not want the lock screen and pictures, but want to go straight to the password/sign in screen, or straight to the desktop if no password is set. Personally I want to go straight to the desktop. If I want to protect my computer I can set a password then I would expect Windows 10 to go straight to the password/sign-in screen, but I don’t. In my situation I do not want pictures or even a sign-in procedure - anything that stops me getting straight to the desktop is a nuisance and one I cannot seem to get around, (the Microsoft ‘fix’ to disable the pictures in the personalisation settings simply doesn’t work).