FIX: Disable Sticky Corners/Edges in Windows 10

Originally published at: FIX: Disable Sticky Corners/Edges in Windows 10

Windows 10 introduced a myriad of changes to the Windows world. Many of these changes were well-received by Windows users, while others were not. One notable change that users decidedly did not appreciate was Microsoft’s decision to remove the option to disable sticky corners. This had previously been available to users in Windows 7, Windows…

You’re Welcome, when writing articles of this type i research into all the solutions that work for people and compile them as Methods :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for mentioning my app :slight_smile:


The registry additions/setting to 1 did not work on Windows 10 1703. The NSM app recommended at the end works like a charm. For those that feel uneasy about installing “unknown” apps, the Author even provides the code to have full disclosure that he is not up to any monkey business. Try it and you will be pleased. Thanks to Jonathan Barton for his work on this handy solution to an annoying Windows bug.

If there is no edge ui, you can do a system restore to the point when the system was working fine.

While I am not a fan of the “sticky corners” the thing driving me more insane is my monitors shifting the displays over part way into another monitor when I run a full screen application on the main monitor.

Even setting all four monitors into a straight line and putting the main monitor all the way to the left and then my furthest right monitor (a full three screens away) with either a notepad file or an internet browser or whatever open on it, will shift several inches to the left or right anytime I open a full screen application on the very left monitor.

There has to be a third party software to lock the screens in place and get past Microsoft’s crazy weird shit.

I get all the way to ImmersiveShell and after that the only option is StateStore… looks like they removed the workaround

Hi, I use three monitor, one in portrait, really annoying that sticky corner.
I do not see the reg key.
Tried to fallback on the app, but it gives me a Access Denied on the link?!?!
Will continue to search for the answer, felt that this was finally it.

And for those wanting it to be fixed by MS:

Thanks Kevin for posting a link to an App that does work…!

Great approach! Thanks again Kevin.

Doesn’t work :frowning: No EdgeUi setting in registry, created it, set value, but the corners are still sticky. Not installing random apps I don’t know or trust. Too bad. Stupid Microsoft :confused:

I got all the way to immersiveshell. No EdgeUi though. Help with this?

Download and run this app. Non Stick Mouse for Windows 10 & 11 – Jawfin Developments for Android and let me know how it goes.

Yes two.

Are you using multiple monitors?

I don’t have that registry key in Windows 10 (even did a search for EdgeUI and it found a lot but not that one). I added it but it didn’t make any difference and sticky corners are still there.