Fix: DVD Drive Not Reading Discs in Windows 10

Originally published at: Fix: DVD Drive Not Reading Discs in Windows 10

Many people have complained of their Windows 10 computers not being able to successfully read CDs and DVDs that have data on them and either stating that the discs are blank or not displaying any of the data that they contain. This is a pretty well-known issue pertaining to Windows 10, and it is not…

Try to go back to the previous version of the update and wait until a more stable version of Windows 10 is rolled out.

Are your drivers installed properly?

there isnt cd/DVD in device manager

You can try the solution below that was posted by a user on a CNET forum:
“To switch the drive between CD / DVD writing or DVD-RAM writing mode follow these steps:
Click on My computer from the Start Menu or the desktop to open it.
Under the “Devices with removable storage” section, right click on the “DVD-RAM Drive”.
On the pop-up menu, select Properties. (Note: on the Pop-up menu, “Write these files to CD” will be an available option when CD writing is selected, and will not be shown when DVD-RAM writing is enabled.)
Select the Recording tab.
On the Recording tab, either put a check mark in or remove it for “Enable CD recording on this drive”. (Enable for CD/DVD disable for DVD-RAM.)
Click on Ok”

I have the exact same problem. If u find the solution plz tell me too. I will be very grateful.

Did you test with a different vendor disc?

Hello Kevin,
I have tried both your suggestions and they don’t work for me. Perhaps my problem is not exactly what is being discussed.

Prior to upgrading to Windows 10, my DVD drive worked as expected, I have burned and read DVD and CD disks (before upgrading). After upgrading, I was able to burn a CD and use it on a DIFFERENT computer. When trying to use that same disc on the computer that burned it, it is seen as empty and the “Burn a disc” dialogue box comes up. The initial question is “How do you want to use this disc?” The same happens when using a disc that was burned on a different computer.

Can you help please?