FIX: Error 1962 – No Operating System Found

Originally published at: FIX: Error 1962 – No Operating System Found

There is a pretty well-known problem with Lenovo computers, and that problem is Error 1962. Error 1962 shows up when a Lenovo computer affected by this problem is trying to boot up. Error 1962 shows up when the boot sequence fails and the computer fails to startup, and the error code is accompanied by the…

PRess F1 to get into bios and change the settings to the following options:
Primary Boot Sequence

*CSM: [Enable]

*Boot Mode: [Auto]

*Boot Priority: [UEFI First]

*Quick Boot: [Enable]

*Boot up Num-lock Status: [On]

I have that same problem on lenovo M91P after installing new OS on the HDD.
HDD and cable work perfectly and boot if mounted into other motherboard.
BIOS is set up correctly as recommended and even newly updated.
Looks like this is a bug on lenovo motherboard!

I m Having The same issues when I turn on my pc desktop Lenovo windows 10 please I don’t what else to do

Hello Tom, have you pressed the correct keys (fn + f12) etc? If yes, can you tell us your Lenovo model number? Most of Lenovo’s laptop’s have a small button next to the power button. You can press it and takes you to the startup/BIOS menu.

I changed my bios settings in order to change the boot up sequence but I must have done something wrong because now whenever I turn on my Lenovo all in one computer I get error 1962 “no operating system found. Boot sequence will automatically repeat.” The problem is I cannot get back into the bios to undo my previous changes. F1, f12, f10 none seem to be able to get me to the setup screen.

Does it detects the HDD in BIOS?

Icant even get in to my pc