Fix: Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration on Windows

thank you i actually did a combination of two, uninstalled the network adapter and then had to actually restart as someone had mentioned. I tried uninstall and reinstall network adapter didnt work for me. I uninstalled network adapter and then shut down and back and still no go. Then I uninstalled network adapter and restarted and voila i have internet again…lol dont know if it will work for other ppl but it worked for me. thank you

This simple tip of ‘Restart’ did the trick. Much thanks for saving me time and effort.

Deb you’re a sweetheart. Thanks for pointing out something I didn’t find in the article.

Many thanks for this - it worked like a charm.

I posted a question yesterday, but nobody ever got back to me or approved the post. Anyways, I just want to say that I fixed the problem. All I had to do was UNINSTALL the Network Adapter/Driver. Then when I rebooted the PC, the driver was reinstalled automatically. Because that information is already in the hard drive anyway. So it just needed to be UNINSTALLED and then rebooted. Now it’s back to normal.

this does not work, all adapters disabled except ethernet, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no go router is not a problem as connected on 2 other devices in same room

Go to Network Connection, right click property your Adapter, property IPv.4, change ip address. Close then it will fix.

make sure you’re only attempting to connect via the Ethernet (the wifi should be disconnected). then perform all the steps.

I disabled the wifi and it still doesn’t work.

Worked for me

How do I reset the wire line adapters? That’s the IPv4 address I automatically assign to.

I literally did every single thing mentioned in this article and it just says that “Your device is connected, but you might not be able to access anything on the network.” and when I troubleshoot it the problems that are found are “Ethernet” doesn’t have a valid IP configuration. Any suggestions?

How can you update your drivers if you can’t connect to the internet?

Thanks for this suggestion - worked like a charm. Thanks very much.

My problem was already solved with the first step “restart your system”. Thank you very much

I use a powerline adapter and have been dealing with this issue all day, i tried all of the above + more. I eventually ended up connecting directly to my router and it worked. so i fiddled with my powerline a bit and now it works fine.

Not sure the issue is 100% fixed as it has not even been 24 hrs yet but it seems to be working fine.

Thank you Chris. I almost deleted something to re-install and I thought, “I’m not doing this”, went back to google and found this thread. Simple restart and I am back in business. Thank you very much.

Dude, Thanks so much… the command worked here too

Im not connected to the internet. This is my problem in the first place. But step 3 sais uninstall and re install. How do you re install with no internet connectivity…

You can follow the remaining steps, and then do the auto update.