Fix: Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration on Windows

Originally published at: Fix: Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration on Windows

The “Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration” error has a long history of occurring on Windows. The latest variation of this issue typically occurs when users attempt to deploy a Windows Network Diagnostics scan and it’s usually rooted in some kind of issue with the NIC (Network Interface Card). This problem is confirmed to occur…

When restart pc it works again after some time it shows the same problem

I reset my network adapter and uninstalled/installed drivers 10 times before seeing this. Solved my problem. Thanks for posting!

there should be a small reset button on it, hold it for 4 to 8 seconds.

Working on my mothers computer. None of these things worked for me. Frustrated beyond belief. Her internet quit working a couple of weeks ago after a huge storm. Called the service provider and they finally came out , but only to tell my mother that she needs to go buy a wireless adapter or something. They say it’s not the gateway modem that is the problem, but the computer. Not sure if I believe that it or not. Anyway I’m ready to give up.

Reimage is additional, it will help recover files from it’s repository byitself.

Thanks for clear guidance, Kevin,
First fix worked - disable Fast Startup - and I get internet connection after switching Fast Startup back on again, and restarting. Is there something else that I should do; like running Reimage Plus?

Thanks so much for suggesting resetting the adapters! Tried so many fixes and nothing had worked! Was driving me crazy!

I just disconnected the fast start up and it worked GREAT, thanks

Factory reset button worked for me, though it took about ten minutes to actually reconnect

Another thing to try that worked for me if none of the above does… In addition to resetting my router I had to reset both WIRE LINE adapters.

This solution may be helpful if your IPv4 address is automatically assigned to 169.254.., which means your Ethernet hardware can’t connect to the router to be auto assigned a IPv4 address.

Tried everything here and in the comments but nothing worked. So i unplugged everything(Power cord, all mouse keyboard, speakers, Turned Power supply off), cleaned out any dust and that worked.

Hello, I just got this error today (the ethernet was working fine earlier). I have tried the method described in this article, as well as the ones that I have seen in the comments, but nothing seems to work. Is there anything else that I can try?

Hi, I just got this issue today (the Ethernet worked perfectly fine this
morning), but this method didn’t work and neither did the methods described in
the comments. Is there anything else that I can try to do?

First method, disabling “Turn on fast startup (recommended)” worked for me. Thanks a lot.

When i try to do that it comes up with: An error occurred while renewing interface Ethernet : unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has timed out.

Uninstalling both the Network Card and the Ethernet Drivers, works only after Computer Reboot.

Thank you very much! Your suggestion fixed my issue. I did not have internet connection for a few days, tried a lot, including buying a new network card (USB). I will also disable the Fast Startup option.

Also, deleting the adapter does the same.

If your experiencing this error message due to the windows 10 issue last week, the above fix will not help you. Windows 10 is having an issue renewing your IP address and you are ending up with a conflict between your computer and your router. You have probably called your ISP and technical support won’t help you because it is an issue created my Microsoft and it’s not their problem.

I went through these steps myself yesterday to no avail and spent some time tinkering and finally fixed my connection. So, I will share what worked for me and with any hope it will save you several hours.

  1. In the windows search bar type "Run"and the Run command bar should appear as your first option.

  2. Select Run - your in the right place if you see a window that says “Type the name of a program, folder, document, or internet resource, and Windows will open it for you”

  3. Type “CMD” in the dialog box and hit OK - this will bring up the command prompt window that look like the old DOS operating system.

  4. In the Command Prompt type “ipconfig/renew” and hit enter - do not enter the quotes

Wait a few seconds and your internet should be restored. The whole process should only take a couple minutes and hopefully I have saved you some time and frustration. Enjoy!