Fix: Failed to connect to Windows service

just out of curiosity. Will this link remain permanently?

An email has been sent from LogMeIn Rescue containing a link. Click the link and run/open the downloaded program called Support-LogMeInRescue.exe. After the program runs, choose Yes/Allow/OK. I will then be connected, and a further prompt will appear with DISCLAIMER, agree to it.

no problem nothing classified on my computer. I would welcome your help. What do I need to do?

Before I get started. I would like to let you know that I am running Windows 7. Previously my system restore was not running. I just got that part fixed yesterday and created a new restore point from yesterday. The problem I have with Group Poiicy Client has been going on for about 2 years, if you can believe it. Sad but true. I do not have any clue of what a registry hive is, sorry for that. As for following the exact steps in this guide. I do not see any guide, again I apologize for my ignorance. I am a total amateur with computers, although I believe I have made great progress lately in learning quite a bit of new stuff. I must that Eugene Robertus videos for that.

If you might direct me to the guide and explain a little further in detail how to back up the registry hive. I am sure I can get it all done???

Thank you for your prompt reply. I do sincerely appreciate you assistance in this matter.

can you restore your system to an earlier date, and then make a backup of your registry hive first. once done, then follow the exact steps in this guide and let me know the results.

thanks a lot. worked for me.
My Google Chrome was not working and updates were stuck. Reached step 7. Restarted the PC, it worked. no errors. updates and chrome are running smooth.
I was also running a SFC /scannow from command prompt as an administrator simultaneously. Waited for the test to finish which found no integrity violations. PC stopped responding after that. Resumed to normal after few minutes. Restarted and Done.
Thank You.

There must be a program or a security software that is continuously reverting the changes you make.

I did Solution 1 last week while following directions from a different person. The instructions were the same, and it seemed that the issue had resolved. Yesterday, I got back on my laptop and the message shows up again and I’m back in the same situation as last week. I just bought this laptop two months ago. What do you suggest I do?

Thank you so much! You just saved me a re-image on a train wreck of a netbook. Please update for the placement of many of these keys under Windows 8 and 10!

Hey Kevin, after all these years of using PCs this was my first at doing a ‘regedit’. I did this with much hesitation because I couldn’t find a Window upgrade and I needed this fixed ASAP. I did have a level of irritation with Windows for not providing an update to fix this. I have no idea how many others would fix this themselves.
Your perfectly instructed steps for fixing the ‘Windows Client Service’ issue worked for me. This has given much happiness to the household.

Many thanks for this Kevin.

Best Regards
Pradeep J (Australia)

WOW…THANKS SO MUCH!.. Brainlessly easy fix!

Thanks for letting me know.

Your solution didn’t work for me. I ended up creating a new profile and moving everything except for files directly under the user folder and files on :UsersAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows (windows 7). Problem solved.

Or you could just go in the cmd window and type “netsh” then…“winsock reset”… then restart. That simple!

Thank you so much for such a nice and clear explanation. Issue resolved.

Thank you … Following your instructions above means i know have a laptop that works again :slight_smile:

Thanks! This is help me

I have been experiencing this problem somewhat at random with it happening sometimes and at other times a normal boot up. When the problem occurs the computer wont shut down and I have to remove the power to shut it down. Strangely this seems to fix the problem temporarily, and the next boot is ok. Nevertheless I have applied your fix (thanks for your info) and have tried a couple of boots which seem ok. hopefully that has fixed the problem.

For me, windows 10 has been a new problem every other day - I do not recommend the ‘free’ upgrade to any of my friends. Earlier today, my wife came to me and said she could no longer logon with her user account (that has worked for the past 4 months). I searched for an answer and came across your solution. I have never added anything to the registry before and I’m not sure what your instructions did but it worked with the first reboot! Many thanks for posting this resolution as it is far superior to anything I could find on the Microsoft site. Your detailed instruction was clear and well done. I hope you win big in the lottery! Thanks again.

Just wanted to say THANKS for an easy to follow guide that sorted the GPC service problem. Usually if it involves the Registry it is a “Oh Oh I’m going nowhere near that” but you made it very easy. Have now got this page saved to favourites in case it is needed again.