Fix: File Explorer Not Opening on Windows 10

Originally published at: Fix: File Explorer Not Opening on Windows 10

Windows 10, like all other versions of the Windows Operating System, has its fair share of different bugs and issues, some of which affect users more than others. One specific Windows 10 bug that has managed to agitate the living hell out of Windows 10 users who have had the displeasure of being met with…

try a clean boot. one of your programs appears to be causing the conflict.

Okay. Please see if something else is interfering with explorer, probably a shell extension. instructions here, Fix: File Explorer Crashing After Right Click On Desktop in Windows 10

when was the last time it worked?

System restore doesn’t work. I went to it via control panel and it told me effectively it wasn’t switched on and I had no points to restore to. I have switched it on now, but it doesn’t help with File Explorer. (And by the way, I had never switched it off beforehand. Presumably it came like this, ie switched off).

You can try a system restore, and then run windows updates.

That didn’t work. Changed my display and restarted PC. File explorer still doesn’t work. It used to and now it doesn’t. Something stuffed it up but it wasn’t the display settings.

thanks its work for me.

I fully resetted my pc before doing this, I had downloaded a couple apps before this happened. I downloaded reimagine repair and it will still not work.

Perform a Clean boot, instructions: How to: Clean Boot Windows 8/8.1/10

have you tried creating a new user account, and also a clean boot?

I have done like 20 different methods of attempting to fix my issue with file explorer and not a single one has worked so far. I tried the methods listed in the comment section and those don’t work either. Every time I do anything associated with file explorer it freezes for about a minute or so until working, whether it is uploading a file to something online, opening file explorer, changing folders in file explorer (going from Users to My Documents) or right-clicking a file in file explorer.
This has occurred for a few weeks now since my computer did an automatic update, since that update occurred I have been having issues with file explorer and it is rightly angering me. If there is anything you know that can help me, please do tell.

You dont need to disable windows services, you’re only disabling non-windows services which you do not need and should you later find out that you do need one, then you can just re-enable it. See steps here: How to: Clean Boot Windows 8/8.1/10
If doing this resolves the issue, then you can manually disable/enable each service, until you find the conflicting one. Along with services, you should also disable start up programs.

I don’t understand. You mean I have disable all sorts services even though they arent causing the problem? I only want to take out whatever thing is causing the problem. But I don’t know which it is.

You can’t and i am positive that it’s not the microsoft services causing the issue. You can hide microsoft services, and disable the rest and then go to the start-up tab to disable startup programs as well.

I have 210 services running, how do I find which of them is causing the problem?

I tried opening in safe mode, and I also ran Shexview. This listed a lot of extensions and I disabled some in pink (non MS) that were fairly recent. File Explorer worked. That was yesterday. Now today it stopped working again. It is not those shell extensions, which are still disabled. Opening in Safe Mode I can get File Explorer working again - but do I have to open in Safe Mode everytime? And I still don’t know what is causing File Explorer to fail.

It worked about a week ago, then it stopped. Then I tried disabling things off the start menu and other solutions proposed on Internet, and it got going again yesterday. And now today it stopped again.