Fix: High CPU Usage by audiodg.exe

Originally published at: Fix: High CPU Usage by audiodg.exe

If you opened Task Manager you should saw process named Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation. Maybe you asked yourself what process is doing in Windows, maybe not, but do not worry, we will explain you more about this process. Actually, audiodg.exe is process represented as a Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation.  Audio Device Graph Isolation…

Turn on the Safe Mode and check if your system works fine in it, then go on by enabling the apps and services one by one and check which one makes the issue come back. This way you can identify the app or the service that is causing the issue.

On HP Envy x360, Method 3 (unistall audio driver and install them again) worked. Thankyou.

Thank you very much for this excellent guide !

hey… its working! thank you :smiley:

So did for me, thanks!

Method 5 worked for me, thanks!