Fix: High CPU Usage by Sppsvc.exe 'software protection platform service'

Originally published at: Fix: High CPU Usage by Sppsvc.exe 'software protection platform service'

Having high CPU usage on a Windows operating system is nothing new. There are numerous cases where different processes slow down your PC by consuming a lot of your resources. Sometimes, these processes can even make the PC unusable. High usage by “sppsvc.exe” is a little different from other processes. It occurs in two cases;…

If you want it removed go ahead and remove it, however, disabling it will work just fine and should be enough.

At solution 5, i want KMS to completely removed, should i delete it too?

Thank you so so much, i successfully got rid of this problem with registry editor method. I was thinking my cpu is overheating , even cleaned from dust. Nope, it was damned ms protection :slight_smile: . I am so grateful for your guide on fixing this, hope all of us having this issue can solve this :slight_smile:

This has been driving me crazy for months but I think I finally found the solution with the last answer posted in the following thread:

"What worked for me (ymmv etc.):

Control Panel -> Recovery -> Configure System Restore -> Configure -> Disable system protection

You will be warned you are about to delete any system restore points you may have. You should say yes unless you absolutely know you are going to have to do a restore (and then you’ll be left with the same high CPU usage problem).

The system restore service can be re-enabled again later if you really think you need it, although of course you’ll have to create new restore points.

However, I recommend going ahead and deleting the existing restore points because they are probably infected by something and they cannot be sanitized by antivirus apps since they are system files and therefore protected and locked. Except to viruses. Nice work, Bill.

As above, your mileage may vary. This solved the constant and ridiculously high (50%+) CPU usage by the SPPS service, but I can’t guarantee it’ll work for you."

I just tried it and the Sppsvc.exe insanity has finally ended!

Thanks for including the Post-1709 Update. I wondered if they had found a means to detect KMS, explains why I’m experiencing high CPU usage. Nice to see it actually stated!

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