FIX: How to Stop Interactive Services Detection Popups

Originally published at: FIX: How to Stop Interactive Services Detection Popups

In a Windows environment, applications should provide dialogues and popups for user interaction. However, when a background service attempts this interaction, Windows presents an Interactive Services Detection dialog box. This box may appear every five minutes, sometimes disappearing before it can be read. Its frequent appearance can be disruptive, interrupting workflow and causing disturbances. You…

It seems like your google drive sync is trying to sync the important document and files back to your google drive but it is having issues doing that most likely because of insufficient privileges. So, therefore, I am suggesting you try running Google Drive Sync as an administrator.

Ok, I have to go back in as admin to do this – before I do that – what should this do?
(I always want to know why…)Why should this work? What is the Google drivesync order doing? Will this cause any other problems?

Try this:-

  1. Open File Explorer and Navigate to C:Program FilesGoogleDrive
  2. Right-click on googledrivesync.exe and press “properties”. Now Go to the “Compatibility” tab.
  3. Make sure to tick the option named “Run as administrator”.
  4. Check to see if the issue still persists. Keep me updated!

When it pops up on my screen, and I check the path – this is what I get

Message title: Fatal Error!
Program path: C:Program FilesGoogleDrivegoogledrivesync.exe

ANy ideas what that is and what to do about it and get rid of this stupid stuff?


Can you elaborate? This article is about stopping the popup.

How do I, instead, get the service to interact WITHOUT the ridiculous pop-up and the gyrations required by the user to get to the process to interact with it?

Thank you! That damn pop-up box was super annoying.

Thank you, very helpful!!!