Fix: Icons not showing Correctly in Windows Search

Originally published at: Fix: Icons not showing Correctly in Windows Search

Some Windows 10 users have been struggling to resolve a weird issue where all Microsoft Office icons are not displayed when searching for a specific application using the Start menu.  Most affected users are reporting that the icon is displayed correctly when they manually navigate to the app using the Start menu, but not when using…

No, there isn’t any performance hit.

Ok, so there is still something that you can try, First log into your new user account head over to %localappdata%MicrosoftWindowsExplorer Copy all the contents of that folder and paste them into your main accounts %localappdata%MicrosoftWindowsExplorer Folder and restart your computer then log back into the main account let me know if that works for you.

Seems like you should keep it at 125% but if you want to revert and it doesn’t let you, you can try checking for any updates since they can in most cases fix the issue or you can try rebuilding the icon cache through cmd as indicated in method 3

Hi Kevin! Thanks for the article. #2 works for me but when I change back to 100% the icons now revert to blank. Any ideas on fixing?

Thanks a lot! But are there any apps that I can replace gg drive with :frowning:

The icon worked again after uninstalling google drive. Thanks a lot dude.

OMG, Kevin you are my hero.
Method 2 did it for me.

This worked brilliantly! I tried all of the other fixed and tricks I could find online, nothing worked. Tried this, worked like a charm.
I’ll just use rclone to sync Google Drive from now on. Tricky to setup but works good once you figure it out.

Yes, the source of this problem is the Google Drive program.

In addition to removing Chrome I had to do the following -
Steps 1 and 2 mentioned above.
Undo the steps 1 and 2.
Redo the steps 1 and 2.
If still not fixed, you can try GitHub - phuze/windows-10-missing-search-icons: Manual method for fixing missing Microsoft Store application icons when searching in Windows.

Even after 1 year. This problem persists!!

sooooo… apart from not showing the thumbnails, there is no performance hit right?
if not cool, I can live with no icons as long as the programs work correctly

If you’re still having this problem, try set different scale cooficient, then restarting Windows, then set scale back. It helped me.
You can also try setting the system language to English if you are using your native language, then restart Windows and then set your language back.

After reinstalling my ms visual studio and restarting pc almost every installed app icon disappeared from search in search bar, but 3rd method helped me to resolve this problem (didnt tried 2nd method, mb it would also help). Dont know reinstalling or not caused that, but thx for help<3

Confirm - only this method helped - icons now showing correctly. Also it fixed transperancy effect

THIS is the ONLY thing that worked. Mind blown. Good thing Google disabled the free photo storage, time to really move away from their bloated app.

Wait really? I thought that my hardware was having problems, so I tried to freshly re-installed the window 10 times, which they showed at the beginning, but a few hours later, the icons were changing to white. I have downloaded google drive on my computer too, and now you said that it might be the cause. So you uninstalled google drive, and the icons on search become normal?

Friends, the source of this problem is the Google Drive program. Surprising to see that it still causes the same issue.

I guess they don’t fix this on purpose, they sabotage the Windows system.

  1. Uninstall Google Drive
  2. Windows Display Settings, change your scale setting from 100% > 150% > 175% > 100%.
  3. Restart computer

Hello. Unfortunately none of the methods worked for me. I tried the 3rd one too. But it says this ( Pic attached below) . I tried to copy the explorer files from another user account but i got this error 0x800704c8. I really hope you can help me . This is bugging me. Thanks in advance.