Fix: IME is disabled

Originally published at: Fix: IME is disabled

There seems to be a recurrent problem with the input method editor (IME) on Windows 10 – especially with Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and a few other languages. Users are reporting that the current IME is either continuously enabling and disabling itself when typing or it disables itself sometime after the system boots up. The error was initially…

mod flag test

Literally the same damn issue 3 years later. What on earth is MS doing?
Windows 7 never had this issue before.

I tried different suggestions I found on the internet and what finally worked for my Japanese users was go into the Microsoft IME settings page, Open Advanced Settings and under General, Input Settings, I toggled the Space: setting from Always Half Width to Always Full Width. Once we did this, he was able to select the Hiragana option and his keyboard started working with Japanese fonts.

That’s a pretty good point. There is effectively this behavior.
Unfortunately, there is also an issue with the new releases, since I upgraded my 3 Windows 10 configurations from 1709 to 1903 the IME became broken on all of them :frowning:
The IME icon becomes activated when I’m in an input field like this one but I can’t switch to hiragana or katakana and I’m stuck with half-width alphanum…

Create a new administrator account and log in to it. Check if the issue occurs in the new account.

This isn’t an issue or bug from what I just found out; IME only enable’s itself when a text box is selected, then disable’s itself when no longer selected (same with selecting a window that has a text box within it). That is just what I’ve guess though from trial and error.

I did all of the above ways, but still my IME is disabled. What to do pls