Fix: Input Not Supported

Originally published at: Fix: Input Not Supported

The error “Input not supported” occurs when the computer’s resolution doesn’t match with the monitor. This error usually comes forward when you plug in a new monitor with your computer or you change the resolution to some value which is not supported. This error message also pops up when you are playing games on Windows…

You have to boot your computer in Safe Mode. You can read our detailed guide on booting your computer in safe mode here: How to: Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode

How am I supposed to fix it when windows doesn’t show up?

It happens only in CSGO? if so, then delete the config file and check if that fixes the issue. Also, try to change the in-game settings to the recommended ones.

I bought a new acer monitor today, and when i want to start cs go it’s says input not supported and then game run. I see screen for a few seconds and then black screen. It repeats.

Depends on the game. Most games store their config files in “Documents” folder and you can easily either delete it or replace it with the default one.

How to reset??