Fix: Laptop Turns Off When Unplugged

WHICH “suggestions” did you try? Which one finally worked? Thank you.

Your case might not be the same, go through all of them and you will probably fix your issue.

I have tried all of the non-physical solutions here but none of them are working, can I add you on Discord so we can try and figure this out?

Kindly help.
My one year old Laptop suddenly became very slow. Reinstalling Windows 11 and updating all the drivers didn’t solve the issue. I tested the read-write speeds and no issues found there. But running Geek-bench only gave Single core - 62 & multicore - 152 which is almost 1/15 of original results.
I can see that the CPU doesn’t go above 6% even if i try running Geek-bench 5. CPU remain below 7% no matter what i do.
There is no heating,Fans are also working.
Model: Acer Aspire 3
CPU - intel Core i3 11th Gen
RAM idle usage - 60%
CPU idle - 2 to 3%
Disk idle - 1 to 2%

solution 3 works for me thnx man

Yes, it will be reinstalled don’t worry.

In the solution #2, will the ACPI be really reinstalled after I uninstall it and then reboot the laptop? I’m scared because it might end up getting deleted permanently and mess up my laptop even more.


Okay, so it seems like this is a battery issue. I suggest you to take your laptop to a technician and let him have a proper look.

Then it must be an issue with your battery I suggest you take your laptop to a technician and let him have a look.

Please let me know the Model Number of your Laptop.

Hi! My name is john and im here cuz my battery has some problem. im on windows 7 32 bit and i have samsung laptop. the problem is that when i was working my computer shut down direct when teh power went out for like 10 min and will not turn on untill is pluged in with power. when the power come back, in the battery there is a button and 4 lights that tell you the batery power . wen i cliked the button to showm me power it was weird because the lights were not the way they ment to be like (on,off,on,off) and when i turn it back on it will not charge it will always stay 9%. soo any of these didnt work . i posted this to see if any one can help me!

Unfortunately, it seems like the battery connection that connects your laptop to the battery might be broken. We suggest you contact a technician and let him take a proper look at your laptop.

Purchased new charger and battery. Also ran trouble shoot and removed battery and held power button for 10 seconds. Laptop is not even two years old. Appreciate any other ideas.

Unless one is desperate for Air Miles I suppose and in that case, buy the battery. Anyway, thanks for the reply.

It really depends upon the condition of the battery itself, however, it is recommended that if your laptop battery isn’t working properly. Remove it and use the laptop by plugging the charger as a power source.

Can a bad battery cause the whole system to explode into a ball of brilliant flame?

Unfortunately, it seems like your battery is not working correctly I suggest you remove that battery and buy a new one. If you are planning to use it as a Desktop (Using Laptop as Plugged) Then I highly recommend you remove the battery and then you can use it as a desktop.

Hi. I have vaio. When I plug in. The battery’s light turns on for few seconds and then turns off. Laptop shows full battery. But dies as soon as takes off the main power

Take the laptop battery out safely if the laptop allows, unplug the charger, then press and hold the power button for 8 seconds. Release the power button, put the battery back in, and see if the battery charges? If that doesn’t work you will have to replace your battery.