Fix: Laptop Turns Off When Unplugged

Originally published at: Fix: Laptop Turns Off When Unplugged

Users have reported that their Laptop turns off when they unplug the power cord after upgrading to Windows 10. Some users encountered this error after updating their laptop to the 1809 update released by Microsoft for Windows 10. This issue has been around for quite a while and still troubles someone around the globe now…

Hello if you don’t mind I will add you as well as I have tried all those solutions and nothing worked. thank you for your kind support.

High chances are they stole your battery in the process.

On an HP Probook 455 G1 I had to change (in the advanced power settings), the ATI Powerplay setting (on battery), from Max Battery to Max Performance. Then it worked fine on battery. I had previously checked that it ran OK on a stress test in Slackware, which was fine, so I tried the tips re Windows 10 power settings and found one that worked.

Hi, I just sent my laptop to upgrade from hdd to ssd and suddenly after the upgrade, the battery doesn’t work at all. i cannot switch on my laptop without plugging in the charger at all. how may i solve this problem?

Which one worked for you?

I want to thank you for this post. I was given a laptop without a battery. I bought one online but when installed, the laptop showed that it was charged. But when I unplugged the power supply the laptop would not run on the battery. I went to a place that fixes computers and was told I needed a new battery even though this one had never really been used. I finally came across this post and gave the suggestions a try. So far so good. I will post again if there are any further issues.

duuude you literally saved my life! and money! if i hadn’t tried to at least see if there was the possibility of fixing it by myself somehow, and clicked on your site, i probably would’ve taken it to get fixed and probably pay a lot because i mean, things here are expensive these days. anyway, kudos to you, and keep going! thank you so much!!!

Sure, add me here is my ID: Zubyan Gul#9955

Sure, Add me I don’t mind.

Sure! add me Zubyan Gul#9955

Contact me on my Discord I have to look into this issue remotely.

Zubyan Gul#9955

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Thanks for your post, I told my customer to repair the issue follow your steps, it works.

Thank you! Very well written article that helped me.

I have a 17 t hp 3d laptop ,bought a new battery same make model,installed said charging,showed 100 percent,when I unplugged it it died,I reset bios took battery out,an drivers reinstalled,ran battery check,all ok still showing 100 percent but when I unplug it it died ,also done check in command center,an hp assistant? Need some advice thank you.

Its battery is most likely faulty, you will have to get it replaced.

Solution 3 works with me! Thank you so much for your help.

Yes, it can also be due to a hardware issue.

Thank you, this really helped me. I got scared when it automatically shut down, because last time it happened to me it wouldn’t work.

Nothing here has worked for me, it may be because my battery has died, this whole thing started doing this 2 months ago. I’ve had my HP laptop for 4 years now and its never had any major issues like this before. I don’t want to replace it, is there anything else i could do? Can anyone help me with this?