FIX: LogonUI.exe Error on BOOT/Start-up

Originally published at: FIX: LogonUI.exe Error on BOOT/Start-up

Nothing’s more terrifying than getting an error before your computer even turns on completely. In this specific case, users have reported getting a LogonUI.exe – Application Error at the log in screen. The severity of the error is such that the user is unable to click on anything on the log on screen and the…

Yeah, but it doesnt even let me boot into safe-mode , just black screen cant type the user and pw, before i could until i used some stupid login background changer trying to default it… not to mention it doesnt even let me use cmd or do a recover, claims there’s no admin users on the pc, eventho there is…

How can this even be, been using win10 a long time already with no problems, and suddenly wake up and my login doesnt work… i havent installed or updated anything on my pc for few weeks atleast…

My problem literally is that i can’t use the recovery promt, claims that there’s no admin users present (before i could boot myself into safe-mode, i checked and i have admin privileges…)

Also there’s no .bak file in SystemResources/Windows.Ui.Login … there’s .pri

and there’s another pri folder wich has also windows.ui.login.pri … wich might be a little suspicious…

im dual booting… got linux on other drive… could GRUB Boot loader having any conflicts? (I mean ive been using it for ages without problems…)

Basicly my question is, could i get .bak file from somewhere… put in on a usb stick… get to cmd somehow and copy the file to the right location… would that work… ?

Thanku so much I was able to resolve this error

Yes sorry for the late reply… this makes the 21st time I’ve tried to install the windows 10 anniversary update and every time I keep getting an unknown hard error but within that error window it says “logonui.exe” or something… it’s getting to the point where I’ve disabled windows updates all together. I have been using the wushowhide.diagcab to scan for and remove the win10 anniversary update. But this last time win10 snuck on me again. I’m at my wits end. There’s nothing online (that I can understand) in how to correct this. Even a Microsoft tech rep had access to my computer and attempted to correct the error and again it failed. The issues, is IF I wanted to revert back to win7 I can’t because viewing my files and when win10 installed on my system there’s not reference to anything win& so I can’t revert. One thing I miss is actually having a back up CD of the opsys. No one includes these back/boot CD’s anymore and I’m not even sure this would help correct any issues… I just need a freash boot or a have Microsoft leave me alone i’m perfectly fine with my current version.

Dear Mr Arrows, None of the options you’ve mentioned will work on a system that is attempting to install Win 10 Annivercy. 18 times I’ve attempt to install win10anni and ever time I get a “unknown hard Error” LogonUI.exe and I’ve been unable to locate anyone to help me with this issue. At one point even a Microsoft tech login to my computer and attempted to correct the issue, But it never was and in the process of allowing him access to my system… I’ve subsequently lost near 1000 of my photographs… Thus I’m not please with the so called repair team as offered by Microsoft. Now they want me to create a micorsoft account in order to get help from them and I’m not willing to do this. So I’m seeking support elsewhere.

What if

  • Solution 1 does not work
  • the LogonUI error appears in the Safe Mode too
  • Solution 2 does not work either?
    Solution 3 is not possible as I cannot even reach the Device Manager, because I cannot even see the Logon Screen.

After following step or method till 5 I am unable clear the black screen kindly help

LogonUI.exe system error:

I was having the same issue however, I could never get anything but a
black screen after entering my pin as it requested. It would even start
my screen saver but never give me anything but a black screen.

Fortunately I have two computers with Win10. I installed the hard
drive from the corrupt one into the good computer as a second drive in
order to copy the files over to a safe place. After I had rebooted it a
second time the computer automatically REPAIRED
the drive that was corrupt! Talking about excited!

I did not have to reinstall Win10 nor did I lose any files. Once the
repair was complete I shutdown and put the drive back into the original
computer and it worked like a charm!

i had this error once so i got command prompt and ran “sfc /scannow”, works just fine now so if anyone cant fix it try this!

Thanks a lot, I was able to get troubleshoot option by forceful shutdown of computer

Create a bootable USB of Windows iso and choose the repair option while booting from the USB

Do a fresh reinstall of the Windows.

what if im unable to do anything???
i cant type or press anything…if i do loginui.exe system error box appears.i cant shut down my laptop too.

how does one do a repair install?

With mine it pops up with a blinking screen. It wont let me login at all. with i press ctrl+alt+del the run time error pops up. HELP!!!

I would suggest you do a repair install.

I am glad it worked for you. Thank you for your very valuable feedback.

Sure no prob. Anything to save someone from losing everything or having to do a reinstallation.

Are you still facing this issue?

Create a bootable iso, boot the system from it, and do a repair.