Fix: Mail Error 0x8007054e in Windows 10

Originally published at: Fix: Mail Error 0x8007054e in Windows 10

Windows 10 is a major change in the world of Operating Systems and it has been in the news for a while. Its elegant GUI and performance have been major reasons for its popularity among computer users all over the world. A number of users have reported an error 0x800754e while trying to set up…

Delete comms folder, disable your firewall and antivirus; delete and then re-add the account.

Thanks for this. Method 1 worked beautifully and the Mail, People and Calendar apps are now functioning properly. You have saved me $100 +. No need to get the technician out thank goodness. Have bookmarked the page for future reference.

Thanks for this ! Method # 1 worked on my very new Computer !

this really works!!! thank you!!! I’ve been looking for solution for so long.

I deleted the other two comments, looks like you requested them to be deleted. Thanks for letting me know that the fix worked.

This is a bad error in windows 10, it needs to be fixed by MS. People should not have to be an MCP to use standard windows apps. Thanks for the fix though, #1 seams to help.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much


Reboot your PC and then try, without opening the mail app.

plus at the end error 0x80072ee2 pops out

Hi, unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. The method #2 seems to not work - the app is not deleted… Rgds Filip

No, method 1 and 2 doesn’t work for me. In method 2, after I deleted comms and reopened calendar app, it still has account information on it, and a new comms folder had been generated.

Thank you! It also works for Outlook 2007 suddenly not syncing with gmail. Hopefully this will not be a constant recurrence.

Hi, T H A N K Y O U ! ! ! ! !
it was some day that the APP didn’t work properly and I tried to reinstall it but after that I was not able to add any account anymore.
Following your guide and deleting the Comms folder I solved the problem.
You’re a great.