Fix: Microsoft Excel 2007 Error stdole32.tlb

Originally published at: Fix: Microsoft Excel 2007 Error stdole32.tlb

Microsoft Office is a software which we use every day. Microsoft Office is available on market since 1990, from version Office 1.0 to Office 365 which is clouding based service. When you need to access Microsoft Word or Excel, all you need is to double click on the application icon and start to use it.…

Hi, yes I agree and can confirm, renaming of setup file will get stop configuring office at every time you start it. Uninstalling KB2767916 will remove the excel error message. Now it is working. Thank you for the help guys!!

Added to the article, thank you for sharing.

That worked. Mine was in Program FIles (x86) so if you can’t find it in one of the program files, look in the other one! C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesMicrosoft SharedOFFICE12Office Setup Controller. I renamed it zzzSetup.exe. I still get the error, but after clicking OK, it opens right up instead of running the configuration. By the way, I was able to find a “Fix it for me” for Word in the website, so I don’t get the error code for that one. I was only getting it in Excel (which I use the most.) That saved me $150 by not having to buy MS Office 2019. Thanks!!

You have to take the ownership of the registry:
Open the registry
Click on Edit, then click on Permissions.
Click on Advanced, then select Permissions.
Click on Add.
Click on Full Control, then click Allow.
Click on OK, close the windows and exit the registry.

Thank you for sharing

I ended up uninstalling every update to Office 2007 that I could (3 of them didn’t allow me to uninstall), and once I had finished that I was able to run the Office programs without going through the slow configuration process. I’m guessing there is a particular update that is causing the trouble, but I’m not sure which one it was. … I avoided uninstalling and re-installing Office 2007 because I wasn’t sure I could find the install disk and Microsoft has removed the ability to download Office 2007 form their site. … I also attempted to turn off the automatic updating of Office, but I’m not sure I succeeded with that.

There is only one way to make excel work if you got an stdole32.tlb error with the configuration starting up. You simple rename the setup file in
C:Program FilesCommon Filesmicrosoft sharedOFFICE12Office Setup Controller
to something else than setup. You still get the warning boks in excel - but the configuration of office does not start up and you can continue using excel

I tried both Methods 1 & 2 but neither worked. When I tried to re-install the backup registry fil, I got a message “Cannot import C:UsersuserneameDesktopbackup09082018.reg: Error accessing the registry” - now what should I do?

Can you use revouninstaller to fully uninstall office 2007 and use the revouninstaller to remove all traces, then reinstall it again. Should work.

I tried all three methods, but stdole32.tlb keeps appearing and starts the configuration process.
The problem started some time last year, and I have been using Office 2007 for many years. It therefore seems related to one of the MS operating updates.
Any further ideas are welcome.

I started repair option 1, but when I right click to ‘change’ the program in step 4, I get the pop up message
“An error occurred while trying to uninstall Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007…Would you like to remove Microsoft Office H…S…2007 from the Programs and Features list?” Yes/No
Obviously I do not want to actually remove it, but just change it, so I am scared to press ‘Yes’.
Or will this just take me to the change options described by you?
Many thanks, Karen

if you have setup disc, you can run the setup so it can auto repair.