Fix: Microsoft Store Slow Download

Originally published at: Fix: Microsoft Store Slow Download

A lot of Windows 10 users are reporting that their Windows Store download speeds are extremely low when compared to the speeds that they’re averaging in other programs. This is a recurring issue that has been reported since the early days of this operating system. Most affected users are reporting that the download speed starts…

Oh thanks man,
Method 3 is great.

I only have 12mbps…

Thanks man! Methods 3 and 7 here!

Go for a Clean windows Install at this point because i think it is more of a Windows issue since you are facing issues with other apps aswell.

Are you running an admin account on the machine? are there any functions limited by your IT?

Method 7 worked. Downloading Forza is finally no longer a torture for me!

Are you signed in to the computer as an administrator? if not sign in with an administrator account.

I tried out Method 7 and the dialog box said 'windows update service could not be stopped. When entering the second command, the dialog box said ‘access is denied’. What could this mean?