Fix: Missing 'sound, video and game controllers' in Device Manager

Originally published at: Fix: Missing 'sound, video and game controllers' in Device Manager

When you get a malfunctioning sound system on your PC, the first place you head to check if everything is working okay is the device manager. Usually, there are several categories you can expand into, including graphic adapter, serial buses, keyboard and pointing devices, among others. One such category is the sound, video and game…

I have a Lenovo Flex4 Ideapad and lost my sound when I connected a new monitor with speakers using HDMI cable. I used “Method 1” and my sound is back!
Thank you…

I’ve been searching for a solution for a little over 3 hours now and this clear solution finally helped me, thank you!!

I had this issue, for some reason in my BIOS, Audio support was disabled. After enabling it and installing the proper driver it worked fine for me.

Can u elaborate on the issue that you are facing?

I still cant seem to get the problem fixed, the first and third option wont work, but the second is like half working, it installs the stuff, but it doesnt apear as its there, like its still hidden, and my sound is still broken?

So… Followed al the directions given. My cure: method 3 followed by method 2. Just to see that big blue screen off (t)error. HELP?!

Hi,my laptop is a HP Pavilion dv60000 and non of the methods worked

Can you post a screen shot of device manager?

Look up for the sound drivers in your product’s specification, download the installer from the official website and install it.

I lost sound on my Lenovo Flex4 Idea Pad when I connected an external monitor with speakers. Using your “Method 1” helped me recover all of my sound.
Thank you…