Fix: No Hard Drives Found in Windows 7 Installer

Originally published at: Fix: No Hard Drives Found in Windows 7 Installer

Windows 7 was hands down the most popular operating system. Since Windows 10 is relatively new and has had its share of bugs and incompatibility, Windows 7 is still being used by millions of people as an alternative. This means that people are still actively buying Windows 7 licenses and installing the operating system on…

Thanks alot dude…

Format the disk using Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (Formerly True Image) - Integrated Backup and Anti Malware Protection

I am stuck exactly here, I did installed windows 10 first and seems it is hanged in between, now trying to install windows 7 but it is not detecting HDD tired almost everything but no luck. Any help guys.

Details: I am doing this on HP laptop.
the diskpart version of windows 10 is higher then windows 7, does that is creating the problem.
tried formatting using diskpart of windows 7 but no luck.

COPY boot folder from windows 10 install disk to usb drive (where is win 7 usb disk install), for me worked. Dont ask anymore for sata hdd driver at windows 7 install, also i first tried Windows USB Installation Tool
(Note) Support AMD series motherboards.

Version :B17.1023.1
OS : Windows 7 32bit , Windows 7 64bit

But i stoped after 1 hour of pending time … than copy boot from win 10 and worked fine.

Is your hard drive separate from the boot device or the same? This can sometimes occur if the hard drive is bad in health and contains bad sectors.

Hi, how could I sort mine… When I try to format my pc because of some error, disk part cannot detect my internal hard drive. But my booting device appears.

Hi Kevin,

thanks for the help. I got this problem but I didn’t thought of changing the boot controller mode. So Method 3: Change the boot controller mode in BIOS helped me to fix my problem and now everything works fine. Thanks man keep up with the good work.