Fix: No Stereo Sound from Headphones on Windows 10

Originally published at: Fix: No Stereo Sound from Headphones on Windows 10

Windows 10 has been prone to producing grotesque and equally unexpected errors for users. Among many cumbersome abnormalities, many HP users have found it difficult to get stereo output from their analogical headphones that use 3.5mm jacks on their windows 10 operating systems. This particular issue is not solved by upgrading to the latest Realtek…

Right-click on the Speaker icon in the system tray and select “Spatial Sound”. Select “Windows Sonic for Headphones”.

Thanks! This was driving me crazy looking for every stereo setting possible.

Were Stereo sound working fine for you before? Tell me your Motherboard number or model number of your Laptop/computer so that I can give you Bluetooth drivers.

i just discover that while all programs are starting i do have stereo sound but when the everything is open i the audio is gone

now i can open realtek, i have “Windows Sonic for Headphones” selected and the old driver you gave me but sound is not coming back

audio is back, thank you so much

OMG same problem even i am facing. Suddenly stereo has disappeared even though the airpods are perfectly fine.

Thank you for letting us know the cause of the problem it should help others as well!

You mean that the sound is completely gone or it’s not stereo?

Yes, Copy them and paste them into a new folder.

Okay, so first try to Uninstall the driver then install it again. If that doesn’t help try this driver:-

It’s an old driver but you should be able to open the RtkNGUI64.exe.

Is it giving you any error code?

Helpuu my bluetooth headphones are only connecting to the ag free hands audio system!!1 The stereo system is missing, though it once had one. When it glitched out a little, i removed my device from my pc and brought it back but once it returned it lost the stereo…

its greyed out

Try to reinstall the Realtek drivers. Make sure that you install the correct ones for your operating system.

there is no “listening experience” so mine did not solve with step 1…i checked my headphone in mobile…and it worked fine…with step 2 it didnt work also…

I do not have a tab ‘Listening experience’ in realtek, and i do not have a tab ‘enhancements’ in the device properties :frowning: please help, only mono is driving me crazy.