Fix: Numeric Keypad Not Working in Windows 10

Originally published at: Fix: Numeric Keypad Not Working in Windows 10

When it comes to typing numbers into a computer, nothing beats the practicality, usability and comfort offered by the dedicated numeric keypad that is found on all standard computer keyboards. Almost all computer users prefer typing numbers into their computers using the dedicated numeric keypad as opposed to the row of numbers found atop the…

Good, works perfect in Windows 11, thks a lot! In French, in a few words: aller à Panneau de configurationTous les Panneaux de configurationOptions d’ergonomie >>Rendre la souris plus facile à utiliser et Rendre le clavier plus facile à utiliser et décocher quasi tout! Paul/Brussels/Belgium

Men u just save me that really help me thank you so much

After 4 years, the tip is still helpful… Thanks Paul!

i contribute to the thanks too

Kevin A, thank you so much. Everything I looked up just said press the num lock key and that is that. It was driving me nuts because it was not my issue. Thank you for your help!!

The Method 2 works fine. Thank you

Bingo. This was the only thing on the whole damn internet that fixed my weird issue.

this worked for me when nothing worked…thanks

Yay! Method 2 worked great for me. Thanks!

Method 2 worked for me. Thanks!

I solved the problem on an ASUS Q501LA notebook. After much research and some luck, I found that I could press the Windows key, go to the Windows ease of Access/On-Screen Keyboard. Once the keyboard is on the screen, you should notice that there are no numbers on the num lock keys. On the lower right one of the keys is labelled Options, pressing this key gives you a menu to turn on the numeric keypad. Turning on the On-Screen Keyboard numeric keypad also turned on the numeric keypad on my keyboard. Good luck.

None of the above has worked for me. I own a MSI GS70 Stealth (GS70 2OD).

hold down num lock for 5 seconds is how i fixed my numeric keyboard in windows 10

Thanks Kevin!
The second method was the key. Thanks for your help.

Your tip continues to work miracles–THANK YOU!! Problem instantly solved after months of frustration!

Thank you so much :

thanks , thanks you, this is simple problem , you solved it easily

DAMN! i fixed it in options on screen keyboard

Many thanks!!! This was the only thing that worked for me!