Fix: One or More Network Protocols are Missing on this Computer

Originally published at: Fix: One or More Network Protocols are Missing on this Computer

One or more network protocols are missing on this computer error only occurs while trying to troubleshoot the network, and Windows socket entries required for network connectivity are corrupted or missing. Fix- One Or More Network Protocols Are Missing on This Computer Below we have outlined some of the factors causing this error: Enabled IPv6-…

disable updates, see. How to Disable Updates on Windows 10

Can I not just delite the two Winsoc files that are the culprits from registry and replace them with the same from my second computer with copy and paste? Is there smething wrong in my reasoning?

Thanks for the help!! Method 9 really worked for me.

Network protocols missing issue isn’t related to the connectivity. Reset the HOTSPOT, and see if your adapter supports the frequency being broadcasted by the hotspot.

Just did a system restore and that didnt work either

none of the solutions have worked for me.

You can try the next method.

So when I go to the 26 folder it says it cannot find the file specified…

skip that method, if it doesn’t apply

What if on method 5 when you reach the registry editor, you don’t have the Paths after the code identifiers?

In step 5 when I get to code identifiers there is no more folders, I can’t get to 0/paths. Help?

you are a lifesaver thank you so much!!! Resetting winsock worked for me.

Please follow the steps listed here, i am sure one of the methods will help fix it.

Worked like a charm! Been stuck with this problem for months…

Please skip this method and move on to the next one.

I tried all of the above, nothing worked. What I did do was uninstall my network adapters from device manager and then I went to the Asus website (I have an Asus laptop), looked for an old driver from Windows 8.1 (I’m now running windows 10), installed that and it all works. Ps. The problem driver I had was Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller if it makes a difference.

Has anyone figured out why this happens? I get this error randomly when I turn on my computer. Really frustrating

Winsock reset and full shut down worked.

I have tried every thing and still nothing.