Fix: operating system is not presently configured to run this application

Originally published at: Fix: operating system is not presently configured to run this application

 I encountered this error while trying to create a new profile for Outlook 2013. When I tried to access Mail from the control panel, it gave me the error, ‘The operating system is not presently configured to run this application.’ This issue occurred for a user who recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7.…

Thank you very much, solved my problem. Excel was not working.

That was helpful. Thank you

Hi I can’t install any microsoft office on my windows 10, because of it’s os that is not presently configured. what should I do? Thanks

Hi I have Window 7 Professional version and salesforce for outlook version 3.0 ready. How can I fix this issue from 32 bit outlook version application. Thanks.

I have Windows 10 and an old version 2003 of outlook. This was enough help and direction to assist me in fixing mine. Thanks!

yes, it helps me… thank you and more power. :slight_smile:

Microsoft recommends using 32-bit office on both x86 and x64 systems unless you have a very specific reason to require 64-bit Office.

Hi i am nijith khan here, i am facing an issue regarding microsoft office where in it displays an error message when ever i try to open an downloaded .pxp file.
Stating that the ‘operating system presently is not configured to run the application’.

I clicked the change but nothing came up

Hold the Windows Key and Press R. Type outlook.exe and click OK and tell me what happens?

Nice Fix thanks a lot sir

Worked like a charm. I had Outlook working for my “outlook” and my old “hotmail” accounts that I still use. But I also have a gmail student account through my university. I use Google Apps Sync because instead of messing with settings, it sets it up for you, calander and all. While trying to install Google Apps Sync I was getting this same error message. I just did a fresh install of Windows 10 Enterprise and I’ve never seen this issue before. I’m constantly breaking my computers while trying new things and need a fresh install a few times a year. First time I’ve seen this issue before.
This solution worked for me. I didn’t have my hopes up because Microsoft troubleshooting tools rarely fix anything. I did have to reactivate, but that’s nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled Office twice and still had this issue. I was about to clean my hard drive and reinstall Windows again after working all night to get it how I wanted (customized, all my software, settings etc…). I always save Office for last because it takes the longest.
You’re a life saver!! Thank god I found this!! Thank you!!

Troubleshooting is needed, i do not have a clear answer until i diagnose. Please submit a new question on

I encountered the same error message, on Windows 10 using Outlook 2016 (as part of Office 365 suite). I use a separate application called “Outlook Export Wizard” to export my emails as MHTML files for archival purposes. I am concurrently in conversation with support for the OEW program, and they’ve told me it’s not their software that’s causing the error.

I performed the “repair online” option, and I still get the same error–the issue still exists.

Reinstalling didn´t work for me in .docx Office 2013 files for Windows 11.
The only thing that worked was clicking on “Reset all default apps” at the bottom at the Apps/Default apps option in the Windows settings

Thank you,
this fix worked for me, on Office 2019 x64, but over the year from time to time it comes back. Pretty weird.

Thanks for confirming what I thought would help :slight_smile:

If this solution didn’t fix the issue you can try to reinstall office and see if that helps

Install the latest 32-bit version of Office after uninstalling the previous one.