Fix: Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver

Originally published at: Fix: Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver

Users encounter the error message ‘Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver’ when the application fails to connect and utilize the graphics hardware properly. All the enhancements who make use of graphics are temporarily suspended. Since Photoshop relies heavily on graphics rendering, this error message makes it almost unusable. Photoshop has encountered a…

It can be due to a background application or service interfering with the application. Put your computer in safe mode and try again.

Thanks for reply. I have installed Adobe Photoshop cc 2017 earlier on my PC, and when i launched, it opens and suddenly disappeared. i uninstalled it and installed Adobe Photoshop cc 2015 and still i experienced the problem. Could you tell me what is the problem and how can i solve it?

If the projects are gone, you can try to reinstall it and check if it occurs again.

If it fixes your issue, you can delete the executable, it no longer serves any purpose.

Solution 1: Disabling ‘sniffer.exe’ It worked for me…but now what to do with the executable sniffer? It’s on my desktop

Oh my God!
Kevin, do you realize that you saved me from purchasing a new PC instead of my laptop?
I’ve been struggling with such an error for eternity. I have a Dell laptop with discrete Nvidia GTX1050 and second monitor plugged in. By the manufacturer it is supposed that you plug in your monitor via HDMI directly to the graphic card, not to motherboard with Intel HD.
When I enable using graphic processor in settings, photoshop crashes after a few minutes. It doesn’t matter what type of processor you are choosing to start an application with (intel HD 630 or Nvidia) - program crashes anyway. Unplugging the monitor did nothing as well.
I did tones of forums researching, but it was absolutely usless, so I almost gave up.
Your first solution helped me to solve the problem. Now Photoshop works like a charm with the discrete videocard!
Thank you so much!