Fix: Power Surge on USB Port

Originally published at: Fix: Power Surge on USB Port

The error message “Power Surge on Hub Port” or “USB Device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port” is usually displayed when you plug a device into the USB port of your computer. It can also occur when you have already plugged in a device and it stops working all of a sudden…

Does the screen turn on during boot? does it work in the Bios? if not then i think the screen is shot in best case scenario in the worst, its the screen, gpu and the motherboard. best to get it in for service but first make sure if it works in Bios. Remove battery and connect directly with the power adapter and check if it works.

It can indicate an issue with the motherboard. Have you tried the methods suggested in the article?

Have tried that but that option isn’t available. This option seems to be missing for some laptops and on the newer builds

It seems that tab has been removed by Microsoft for unknown reasons and their technicians aren’t sure if an alternative exists.

Are you the admin of the computer? if yes then it should be available, verify that you followed the steps accurately.

I tried it on a laptop with a wireless mouse dongle plugged into the USB port next to an open port. When I connected the device ( a midi keyboard), the computer recognized it, but the mouse stopped working. When I unplugged the keyboard, the mouse worked again.

Actually I just discovered that the little white plastic piece that hold the connectors in the port is missing, probably why the device is failing. Tried a different keyboard and it worked fine. Eithe I’ll find the missing piece or replace the port.

In that case, It means that your device is faulty. Is it possible for you to try it on any other device?

The usb device has worked a number of times in the past. Today, plugged it in and got the “power surge” message. Tried using a usb powered strip to bypass pc power but got no beep that it was connected. Plugged in device, got nothing. Plugged in an external drive directly to pc to back up and worked fine, same with a usb stick. Power supply? Device?

Thanks a lot second tip helps, first one didnt appear in list had to go to second tip but it worked! Thanks

Ugh! Control Panel ->Large Icons
Type in Device ( in “Search Control Panel” - upper right) and you’ll see the choice to Troubleshoot

The first suggestion was helpful, tks a lot

there is no option of hardware and devices in control panel

what if I don’t even have a usb device plugged in and see this randomly…?