Fix: Realtek Audio Manager won't Open or Cannot find Realtek Audio Manager

Okay so It seems like your HDMI monitor output is using your AMD’s audio driver,l not the Realtek driver so try this:-

  1. Press and hold the “Windows + R” keys together and then type “control”.
  2. Head over to “Hardware & Sound” then click the “Sound” option.
  3. Check if you have RealTek drivers installed here if yes then simply right-click on them and set them as your default device.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.
The motherboard is an MSI A320m-a PRO M2 with an AMD Athlon 3000g with Radeon Vega 3 graphics on chip.

We have been round the loop finding what should be the right drivers from MSI and also from Realtek. Also letting Windows 10 Pro 64 doing the update. Also totally clean install of Windows with nothing else installed, no anti virus either. Also tried installing in safe mode.

When installing Realtek there are no errors and we have been careful to download the correct driver.

Edit: the HD audio shown in the screenshot is the HDMI audio to the monitor. We are missing the on board audio for headphone and mic.

Screenshot attached as requested.

What happens if Realtek doesn’t appear in the Device Manager at all. Cannot update drivers then. I built a new gaming PC around an MSI motherboard with AMD CPU and whilst sound gets to the monitor, the onboard headphone jack is dead. Done BIOS update, windows repair, download Realtek from various sources and whilst it seems to install, nothing appears. All mfg supports pass you around. Can’t help thinking it’s a hardware issue, can that have this symptom?

Find and download the drivers from your manufacturer’s website and try to install them. Also, you can use a third party driver installer to identify your hardware and install drivers automatically.

my problem is that the motherboard audio doesn’t show in the device manager.

They still provide them, can u tell me the exact one that you want i’ll get the link for you